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Few Things Often Neglected in Car Repairs

There are other parts in your vehicle that will not need much of the continuing maintenance. However, there are important items that are prone to wearing out slowly. If they are not solved at the right time, they can lead to huge changes in your vehicle with the passing time. Careful drivers who want to maintain their vehicles in a good condition will always watch out for some small maintenance services like regular oil changes and periodic check-ups. Some need more than just purchasing a good torque wrench or floor jack. Most of these tasks have been overlooked because of laziness or ignorance.  Let us have a look at some of the commonly neglected car repair works.

Commonly Neglected Car Repair Works

Wheel alignment- Uneven tire wear results from improper alignment of your wheels. In addition, it also wastes fuel which becomes expensive in the future. It is a bad idea if your mechanic does not cover essential services like wheel alignment. They not only reject the warranty on your tires but can also make it blow or go flat while you are driving. If you have not done any kind of wheel alignment lately, make sure it is the first thing to do when the next time your car is being serviced or getting your oil replaced.

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Not checking the pressure of tires- One of the commonly neglected car repair works is tires. Driving when the tires have the right pressure is important for safety. On the opposite, under-inflated tires raise the braking distance and are less responsive to handling and steering. What is more, the high rolling resistance of tires makes them wear faster and will need frequent replacement. Too much of the tire encounters the road providing a higher potential to the premature wearing and overheating. The best way is to understand the specified tire pressure of your car.  Also, make sure you check all the four tires. Several people assume that the fourth tire is fine as the first three are okay. More significantly, ensure that even the spare tire is at the right pressure.

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Right tire tread- Tire treads are common in normal vehicles. Unlike racing cars, we make use of our cars frequently and in various adverse conditions. Water is accumulated on the road; therefore, the tires need treads to attain improved traction. Such type of treads is made to siphon water away from tires, which basically lessens the danger of hydroplaning at high speeds. Once the tire treads start wearing down, it generally means the time has come for replacement. If you neglect and continue, you may lose control during the wet condition.

Connecting the battery terminals- Another commonly neglected car repair works includes car batteries. It is frustrating to get stranded someplace far from the nearest garage due to neglecting your car battery. You have seen many drivers messing around with their car battery and always they have their own reasons. A car cannot start when the battery connection is loose. Make sure that all the connections are tight when you replace your battery. It is time to clean your terminals when you find powdery or foamy stuff around each terminal. Every time when you switch on the ignition key, there is a great chance for your vehicle to respond fast.

Brakes- These are generally neglected until they start making some strange sounds. While these sounds do not mean the end of this world, it signifies the time has come when you must replace your brake pads. In a few cases, if the brake pads wear down too far, the brake rotors also need to be replaced.

Windshield wipers- These are another commonly neglected car repair works. Old damaged wipers do not do a good job of clearing your windshield, restricting your visibility. This is the reason why it is vital to replace them daily. Associated with wipers, your windshield wiper fluid can prevent visibility problems, so it is significant to keep this fluid entirely full.

Paint- While a newly painted or freshly washed car looks awesome, this is more than just something you do out of vanity. The paint on your car’s exterior helps to safeguard the metal from rust. Maintaining your car’s paint by keeping it clean and in great condition play a significant role in the right car care. Wash your car daily. Use scrubbers or soft cloths so that the finish of the car does not get damaged, including when drying the car. Apply a fresh coating of wax every few weeks, based on your car’s condition. Do not forget to polish the body, which will help you to remove some paint imperfections and make your car look even more beautiful.

Fluids- Another important yet most neglected maintenance item, keeping an eye on the fluids inside the car, like brake fluid and coolant can save you from accidents. Low fluids might show a problem like a leakage. If something like the level of engine oil gets too low, you might face a huge repair bill. Checking all fluid levels every month is a great idea. If your car is having issues, checking the fluids more often is suggested.

Stay on top of the suggested intervals for oil changes. These can be found in the car’s manual. Old fluids will no longer serve their intent and therefore, must be replaced, or else they could negatively impact fuel economy or the mechanical operation of your car. When you check the car’s fluids, consider their color too. Unusual things like dark swirls in the coolant or foam in the oil can cause a serious issue but finding it at the initial level helps.

Belts- Most of the people do not think about the belts under the hood of your car, but you must. When you check the level of fluids, that is a great time to check the drive belts. These flexible components help to power things like the alternator, air conditioning, water pump, and power steering. Having a belt failure can cause serious issues and at times huge mechanical damage. Always follow the recommendations of your car’s manufacturer regarding when you should replace the belts. Also, while checking the belts, make sure it does not have any frayed edges or cracks. These are some of the signs that indicate that the drive belt has worn out and it is time to replace it.

Suspension- Although this is not included in any of the car maintenance guides, it must be checked on a regular basis. A suspension system refers to struts and shocks- which most of us take for granted. Sometimes, taking huge tons of metal, the suspension and shocks require maintenance. For many, the suspension is just about having a smooth ride, but it is a lot more because having a bad suspension can cause the poor for controlling the vehicle. The big question is to know the time when to repair a suspension, some of the major signs include drifting while turning the vehicle, rough ride, the vehicle making strange noises, and dips while stopping.

Cooling system- The cooling system of your car’s engine is what keeps your car away from overheating. There are times, when coolant can become clogged, which in turn affects your radiator and the capability to cool your car’s engine.  Coolant can also have leakage, which could cause engine corrosion and further complications with the health of your engine.

Car repairs are an important part of car ownership and maintaining your car can help to keep it running for thousands and thousands of miles.

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