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Tips and Tricks to Increase the Mileage of your Car

It is no more a secret that the increasing price of fuel is a cause of worry for most of the car owners. With the price of diesel and petrol being on an unchecked north rampage, it gets important for the car users to know how to increase the mileage of your car. There have been many ways through which people try to attain high fuel efficiency. Here, we have decided to come up with some useful tips on how you can increase car mileage.

Keep your engine in a good condition

Does your car require servicing? Has it cleared all the emission tests? Well, servicing your engine at the manufacturer-specified intervals and paying attention to its health is a great way to ensure that the mileage it offers is peak mileage.

Use the right grade of engine oil

Utilizing the right grade of engine oil is as significant as getting your car serviced within the right time. The viscosity or the kind of engine oil has a direct relation with mileage that the engine provides. The right grade of engine oil for your car can be found in the manual. It is strongly recommended to follow it rigorously. Tests show that utilizing a non-specified grade or kind of engine oil can affect the efficiency of fuel adversely by more than 20 per cent.

Do not overuse the clutch

It does not mean that we want you to shift gears without using the clutch pedal. It means that one should not drive with the feet placed on the clutch except when there is a need to engage it. This will save your fuel from getting wasted.

Take your time to pace up and down

It is suggested to avoid over-revving to keep mileage from decreasing. Accelerating too hard consumes fuel. Therefore, it is better to accelerate gradually. This will help you in saving a lot of fuel when you are in traffic.

Correct pressure of tyres

Tyres play a significant role in the fuel efficiency that your car provides. Tyres that have been inflated to the company-specific air pressure are safe, lasts longer and helps you to extract optimal fuel mileage. You can find out the manufacturer recommended air pressure for your car tyres by finding a sticker that is generally found on the door pillar of the driver or glove compartment. Ensure that your tyres are inflated to the recommended pressure. Under or over-inflating the tyres have their own disadvantages.

Give the gears a smooth shift

Changing gears in the right way is important to make sure a high mileage. This is applicable to both the automatic and manual transmission cars. Hard acceleration in automatic cars revs the engine to high speed in each gear. This has a negative effect on fuel efficiency.

Try to maintain a constant speed

One should try to maintain a constant speed. Repeated acceleration and deceleration cause unnecessary burning of fuel. Therefore, maintaining a constant speed helps in conserving some fuel.

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