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Top 10 Tips For Buying a New Car

tips to buy a new car

Though automobiles have become essential for many, especially those who live in metropolitan cities, few have enough idea about how to buy one. However, this reality has not stopped people from buying cars. Car buying is partial art and partial science. With the right tips for buying a new car, you can make the right choice easily.

While there is no full-proof plan for getting a decent car at a great price, there are a few car buying tips, that, if followed can help you make the whole car buying process simpler. These tips for buying a new car can be followed by everyone- from a first-time car buyer to an experienced car owner. So, let us dive into the first-time car buying tips.

Important Tips For Buying a New Car

Take enough time- Remember, while buying a car, time is on your side. It is one of the most important tips for buying a new car that you should keep in mind. Though you the aggressive salesman may put pressure on you, do not get pressured. That is the worst way to end up buying a car that you will dislike and regret later. Take enough time, look around, and most significantly, be sure. Be patient.

You will realize the moment you get the right car for the right price. Take the business cards offered by car dealers with you and say you will think about the offer. Once you reach home, think about it. Do not make any decisions until you are confident and comfortable. This is the best way to get a car at a great price.

Check the Vehicle History Report Thoroughly- If you are purchasing a used car, you must take some time to check the vehicle history report. Checking the history of the vehicle you are going to buy is one of the significant tips for buying a new car. No matter whichever company you choose, it is suggested to review the history of a used car you are planning to buy. There may be instances where you may find that a car you planned to buy had met an accident.

Or you may come to know that it was stolen in the past. These could affect the insurance premiums you pay. Before buying a car, make sure it has a clean history. You will be doing a favor to yourself by spending time reading the history of the car you want.

Again, this may sound obvious, but most car buyers do not think about a car’s history till it is late. And yes, do not believe in whatever the salesman says to you until and unless you check it yourself.

tips for buying a new car

Finalize a budget- This is another important tip in the list of tips for buying a new car. As it includes a lot of brainstorming because of the different lucrative deals offered by auto dealers. One should not only consider the on-road cost of a car but also consider the maintenance cost that he or she must bear every month.

The regular running cost plays an important role in purchasing a new car as even if the vehicle is cheap, but demands sky-high maintenance and running expenses, then it is better not to opt for that car.

Initially, you might be happy but gradually as the days pass, you would start hating your car because of the reasons mentioned above. So, it is always better to study these things in advance rather than feeling sorry afterward. After all, it is your hard-earned money.

Consult with your bank before buying a car- This is one of those tips for buying a new car that many ignore. This is an old piece of advice that keeps on repeating. One should contact their bank and know which car they can afford before visiting the showroom. This might sound like common sense, but studies have found that most people think twice or thrice before spending money to buy a car.

Contact a bank is one of the best ways to ensure that you either overpay for a car or go beyond your means and get trapped in unmanageable car payments. Do a favor to yourself and be practical.

Study your financial condition carefully, understand which car you can afford, and follow a strict budget. Equipping yourself with this info will make you more immune to the tricks played by a salesman.

Approach a dealership– After finalizing everything, you can search for a car dealership and approach them to see the car personally. This is one of the important tips for buying a new car as this is the moment when you will see the car. Always keep in mind, there is a big difference between what you read online and what you see in person.

So, always approach a company-authorized car dealer and inquire about the car in detail. Clearing all your doubts with the sales personnel is one of the important tips for buying a new car. It will make you fully confident about the car which you are planning to buy.

Know everything including the features, gearbox, audio system, gearbox, brakes, suspension, etc. You must be clear and sorted about your vehicle before making a final purchase. So, do not decide until you are satisfied with the car.

Go for a test drive- The car may look stylish; the interiors might be amazing and even the features could be interesting, but you should not fix a car until you drive it yourself.

Yes, you must drive the car for at least a kilometer or two, based on your convenience, to get assured about its drivability and performance.

The engine is the heart and soul of a vehicle. And driving comfort and performance are essential ingredients of a car that should be thoroughly tried and tested before making any decision.

So, drive all the shortlisted cars on the list and then make a final decision based on your driving experience.

tips to follow while buying a car

If possible, bring the car with you for a night- You might not believe it, but most of the car dealerships will let you take the car with you for a night, provided you take responsibility for the car.

What is the need to do this? It is important to check whether the car you selected fits your garage or not. It is one of the vital tips for buying a new car.

Many have purchased a sports car, but once they reach home, they find that the car does not fit in their garage. By bringing the car with you for a night, you can check how your new car will fit within the space you have.

This might sound like a simple thing but is worthwhile to do.

Remember, a dealer will not let you return a car you have purchased once you realize that it won’t fit in your garage.

Bring those who will ride the car the most- Chances are that you will not be the only person who will ride the car you purchase.

Just imagine how bad it would be if your teenage son does not fit in the back seat of the car, or your wife does not like the color of the car you selected?

These problems can be avoided by bringing those people who will ride in the car along with you while going to the car dealer. Before purchasing, everybody should see the car and sit inside it to feel how comfortable it is.

Check for discounts, if any- Who doesn’t like discounts? Checking about discounts, if any, is one of the helpful tips for buying a new car. During certain promotional activities and festivals, few car dealers offer attractive discounts on cars. Once you have shortlisted the car, check about the available discounts. If the dealer is not interested in giving discounts, check online.

Look for free car accessories- This is one of the most important tips for buying a new car that you should never miss. Many car dealers give some necessary car accessories while buying the car, free of cost. Some of the accessories that you can look for are:

·         Alloy wheels

·         Battery chargers

·         Seat cover and floor mats

·         Toolkit

·         Jack

So, keep these tips in mind while buying a new car. You will end up making the right choice that meets your requirements and budget.

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