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Rules You Need to Follow to Buy a Ferrari

ferrari buying tips

Ferrari is one of the most popular brands in the world. Their cars are regarded as status symbols. There are a lot of hoops to jump through if you want to buy the car. The thing is after buying your first Ferrari, it does not mean that it’s going to be easier to get approval for another one- at least not for those people who have set their eyes on one of the special edition sports cars. Whether we are talking about the first Ferrari or the 20th, there are certain rules and processes that must be followed. Here is a list of rules for buying a Ferrari that one must follow.

Rules for Buying a Ferrari

Accept an invitation from many places

After you are found eligible for buying a Ferrari, you will get invitations to attend events and gatherings that you would have otherwise never got. If you want a chance to buy your second Ferrari, perhaps a rare model- you must attend these events and gatherings. Chat with the other attendees at present in these events.

Cross-check all the options boxes

As per the Ferrari Chat forums, dealers generally prefer customers who have the capacity to order heavily optioned cars that Ferrari can buy back from them. These customers drive these cars for a short span of time and sell then back to the Ferrari dealer for the amount they have paid. Then, the dealer puts it up for sale for around $50 – $100K over MSRP. The client drives the car for free, has a buying history, and the dealer makes a lot of money.

Agree to never paint the car pink

A Ferrari owner is strongly discouraged from painting his car pink in color. A Ferrari representative has informed the press that pink is not a consistent color with the brand’s ethics and standards. Ferrari will never come up with a pink car, and those who decide to paint their Ferrari blush, rose, or salmon might face a desist order from Ferrari.

Never hide the Logo

Deadmau5 planned to rename his Nyan Cat Ferrari as “Purrari.” A bad idea. He got a cease and desist letter from the brand. The Ferrari logo carries history in it. A famous pilot, Francesco Baracca, had made a painting of a horse on his fighter plane. It is said that Enzo met the parents of Baracca who told him that the painting of a black horse on Ferrari cars was a symbol of good luck.

Never modify Ferrari

One of the important tips for buying Ferrari is you cannot modify the car. So, you are permitted to buy one of these automotive masterpieces, but now you plan to modify it. The only issue is that Ferrari does not allow this. They are known to take their vehicles back if the car owners do not follow the rules for buying a Ferrari. So, if you can purchase it in the first place, then let the company customize the car for you. Every Ferrari car can be tailor-made from their factory.

Ferrari buying guide

Pay a visit to the Ferrari Factory

While most of the customers are encouraged to visit the factory, either before or after they buy their first Ferrari, it is one of the most important must-do things if you want to buy a special edition. If you have never visited Ferrari’s factory, there is another disadvantage for you. You will not get a shiny red hypercar.

If you have a Lamborghini, you cannot buy a Ferrari

Anyone who is aware of the history between these Italian supercar manufacturers knows that there is a rivalry between these two. They are constantly trying to outdo each other with new innovations. They expect their owners also to maintain their brand rivalry. Ferrari is not too keen when their high-profile owners have Lamborghini cars with them.

You must sell some special vehicles back to Ferrari

While Ferrari owners are told to inform the company when they decide to sell their cars or are banned from selling limited edition cars entirely within the first year, Ferrari will not buy those cars back. However, there are a few special cars that must be mandatorily sold back to Ferrari, so that the company can completely control the ownership of their flagship cars.

Agree Not to Sell your Ferrari within a Certain Time Span

The rules and regulations for Ferrari ownership are strict, mainly for the special edition cars. Owners are not permitted to sell new cars within the first year of purchasing them from Ferrari. This is mentioned in the contract to prevent people from purchasing the limited-edition Ferrari and then twisting them or a huge profit due to the increased demand.

All repairs must be done at approved garages

If Ferrari allows you to buy one of their expensive cars, you will have to agree that you will give the car for servicing only at their officially approved repair shops. It may be costly for you, but if the company finds that you have been servicing or repairing your car at any local garage, then your expensive warranty will be canceled.

Owners Must Agree to Undergo A Background Check

Any car dealership will do a quick background verification to find out if the buyer can really afford to make payment for the car. However, Ferrari is much stricter than other car dealers. They not only want to check whether the buyer can pay for it or not, but also want to ensure that only the right kind of people drive the car.

Only Official Ferrari Parts Can Be Used

Old Ferrari’s shared too many components with Alfa Romeos and Fiats. We know, there might be few shared components to this day. They might be cheaper as they are not the official Ferrari parts, but forget using those if you do not want to damage your warranty. Ferrari does not have any of those!

tips to follow for buying a ferrari

You Must Agree to Inform Ferrari When you Plan to Sell

Anyone purchasing a brand-new Ferrari from a dealership needs to sign a contract- and it is important to read all the points. For instance, owners are told to inform Ferrari before they decide to sell their car. They do this so that they can decide if they want to buy the car back to keep control over who buys their cars.

Being popular is helpful

Ferrari has strict rules and regulations regarding who can purchase their limited-edition vehicles. But, if there is one definite way to get yourself at the top of the waiting list, then it is being popular. Ferrari, just like any other car company, prefers seeing their cars associated with famous personalities. So, if you are famous, you can buy a Ferrari without any problem.

Potential purchasers must get in the queue for buying special edition cars

For many, a Ferrari would be a welcome addition to a car collection. But billionaires and millionaires already have few Ferrari’s. What they look forward to are the special edition Ferrari models. There is no way to jump this queue for these cars. However, even rich, and famous people have to put their names on this list.

It is easy to buy a special edition

When it comes to getting your hands on a limited edition of a Ferrari model, sometimes being rich and famous is not enough. Even owning a Ferrari already, or even having your name on the waiting list does not guarantee limited edition ownership. Ferrari does not believe that the customer is right always. Instead, Ferrari will always have the right to select who can drive their special edition cars.

If you follow these rules for buying a Ferrari, nothing can stop you from being a proud owner of the royal Ferrari.

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