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Guide to Wide Variety of Car Accessories

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Car accessories are a significant addition to a car and serve many purposes. While some decorations like mud flaps, seat covers, specialized rims, floor mats, and many more add protection to the respective automotive parts and enhance its aesthetics, additions like cargo liners and pet barriers ensure comfortable and safe travel. Thus, there are several trappings with their specific usage and purpose that you can add to your car and customize as per your taste. The preferences and lifestyle of the person who is using the car determine the kind of car accessories he/she would need to add convenience and comfort to his travel routine. The variety of car accessories available can be widely divided into two categories. These are interior and exterior car accessories.

List of Car Accessories That You Need for Your Car

Exterior car accessories- As the name indicates, exterior car accessories are the ones that are installed on the outer side of the vehicle to enhance its look. Here are a few common exterior car accessories and why you need them.

Car covers- When you park your car, it is exposed to several potential damages because of weather conditions like the sun, snow, rain, and animals like cats, squirrels, mice, and many more. Therefore, to protect the car’s body, you must use car covers. They are a useful asset that protects it from losing the charm of the vehicle and protects it from scratches and dents. Thus, if you are among those who park their cars mostly outside under the influence of such animal and environmental interference, then you must get a car cover to keep it protected from any kind of damages.

Car Scraper- During the winter, an ice scraper is one of the useful car accessories that is used for removing the snow collected on the car’s body.  Therefore, if you live in an area that experiences snowfall, you must get a car scraper, or else it will be difficult for you to remove the buildup of snow. It is always better to choose an ice scraper that comes with a shovel brush attached to it as it is convenient to use.

Booster cable- Booster cables are used for starting a vehicle through a leaked starting battery. It contains a pair of insulated electrical wires with clamps at both ends that are attached to the batteries of any other vehicle or to an external power source to start the car.  This accessory is most useful in situations where the car’s battery dies and needs electrical energy.

Cleaning Equipment- As it is essential to keep a car spanking clean, you can save your money and time by getting one for your car. A set of such cleaning equipment includes a microfiber cleaning cloth made of polyester, a folding bucket, washing powder, and a sponge. It is not just easy to carry but can be used anywhere and anytime for cleaning the vehicle, therefore daily maintenance of your car is significant to ensure that it is safe to drive.

Body decals- Body decals are stickers that are made of vinyl. They are used for sticking on your car for enhancing the car’s look. You get stickers of air intakes, hood scoops, and even bullet holes as well as flames that can be pasted on the car for enhancing your car’s appearance.  If you prefer a sporty look, choose racing stripes on your vehicle. Another way of enhancing the look of your car is by having it covered in vinyl stickers. The vinyl is available in a variety of colors and can be customized as per your taste. You also get chrome, matte, satin-type of finish on the vinyl as per your liking. You could also choose for having your roof or hood covered in a carbon-fiber finish, which is a stylish trend.

List of Interior Car Accessories

The interior car accessories are designed for the car’s inner part and include a wide variety of products for enhancing the functionality of the car and maintaining its efficiency. The different types of interior car accessories include:

Car Mats- As the interior of a car is susceptible to dust and dirt as well as marks from spills, car mats are an important asset for the back and front seats as they protect the car’s floor from dirt and damage. Therefore, if you have pets or kids, you must buy quality mats to protect the car’s floor. Anti-slip, sturdy, and waterproof mats are the best ones, or you can go with the mats made of PVC material as they are highly durable.

Interior Lights- While changing the seat covers is a great idea, you may also want to fix interior lights. The lights that are in trend right now are LED lights and you can even have LED strips that are fixed below the seats and the dash area, thus illuminating the whole cabin. Also, LED’s offer a huge variety of colors to select from and the best part is, you can even match it with your car’s exterior color. Lighting the cabin comes in handy in case you drop something by mistake. The cabin will get a premium look if you install interior lights. Experts suggest staying away from neon lights.

Stereo system- If you love listening to music, this is a must-have car accessory. The stereo system provided by the manufacturer may not be that useful and upgrading the system is an easy option. There are numerous options you can select from to improve the sound quality while installing big speakers in your car can convert your car into a rolling DJ. Even for music lovers, having a good stereo system is appreciated. You can select from various popular brands that offer upgrades within a decent amount.

Windshield sunshades- When you park your car under the sun, the interior tends to become hot, which makes it uncomfortable for anyone to get inside. To avoid this kind of scenario you must install sunshades. This is one of the most useful interior car accessories that are used for protecting the car fun sunlight. High-end windshield sunshades are great for blocking the sun rays from entering inside.

Seat covers- Like the car’s flooring, the seats are also prone to wear and tear. Therefore, seat covers are an important item that not only protects the seat from damage but are great for adding style, enhancing the car’s look, and makes it more comfortable. If you are looking for a durable car seat cover, then go for one made of polyester which comes with a comfy foam filling at the bottom part.

Mobile holder- People need to keep their mobile phones within their reach while driving so that they can access GPS and their MP4 devices. Therefore, mobile holders have become a common car accessory that is used for keeping mobile phone in place while you drive. Selecting a high-quality, durable, and stylish mobile holder with a two-arm range of 40 to 95 is perfect.

Things to Consider While Buying Car Interior Accessories

Safety- Safety is another important aspect to consider when you are buying a car accessory. You must remember that safety is one of the main functions of your vehicle. Thus, if you feel that the security level of your car is good enough, make sure that you try to buy exotic car accessories.

Consider your requirements- When you are choosing the best automotive parts, it is important to consider your requirements. First, you should consider your preferences, lifestyle, taste, and driving habits. Doing this will help you find endless car accessories at your disposal. Finally, before you take your last decision, you should determine the purpose.

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