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Keep your Car Safe Every Time with These Anti-theft Devices

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After a tiring day of shopping, you have come back, parked your car in the parking lot, locked the doors and windows, but is your car safe? Car robbery is becoming a worrying menace in different places. Is your car the next target? Well, you can keep the car safe by using different car accessories like locks and anti-theft car systems. These important car accessories are best for avoiding these types of situations.

When car parts are sold separately, it is impossible to find those again, so it is better to ensure that your car is safe in the first place. There are several ways to protect your car like car insurance, but the procedure is a long and never-ending process. Another way to protect your car is by installing high-quality important car accessories.

Risk Factors for Car Theft

The condition of your car and other characteristics may make it susceptible to car theft. Before you buy any of the important car accessories, make sure you check the characteristics of the car. Here are a few factors to consider.

Vehicle type- Considering the type of car is also one of the important tips to follow while buying any of the important car accessories. Old cars that lack security features are vulnerable to car theft.

The model of your car may be susceptible to theft. The popularity of a few models and brands makes these vehicles attractive for thieves as they can earn a huge amount of money by selling car parts and accessories.

 As per a report published in Forbes, well-manufactured car models are less expected to be noticed when thieves steal them from crowded places. Also, old cars are often targeted in thefts so that they can be dismantled and sold easily. Once the parts are sold off, it becomes quite difficult to track the vehicle.

Important Car Accessories to Avoid Theft

Now that you understand the risks, follow these tips to protect your car and lower the chances of it being stolen by buying the below-mentioned important car accessories.

1.       Get Rid of the Key Fob- This is one of the important car accessories that can prevent car thefts. The rising number of car thefts is credited to the popularity of keyless cars and car owners of these kinds of vehicles keeping the key fob inside the car.

When you keep a key fob inside your car, it becomes simple for the thief to steal your car. He just needs to get inside the car and push the start button and drive away.

types of important car accessories

Thieves are usually attracted to high-end keyless cars as they can be shipped to overseas markets for a better price. Even if you do not believe that your car is the next target, still you should protect it by ensuring that you remove the key fob when not in use. Be careful while carrying the key fob. A lost key fob makes it easier for the thief to use it to find the car by pressing the alarm button.

2.       Buy Dash Cam- We install cameras in our houses to keep them safe, so why can’t we do the same in our cars using the same technique? Cameras are another one on the list of important car accessories. A dashcam helps in recording 1080p videos.

It offers crisp and clear footage even when there is no light. It is not only a camera but also works as a crime detector with G-sensors. It is best for recording all the sudden events like broken windows, theft, etc. The front camera can be rotated 360 degrees to see all around the car.  

3.       Car Alarm- Most of us are familiar with the basic car alarm. Those who live or work in a metropolitan city must have experienced it going off now and then.

The alarm gets activated when the thief breaks a window, opens a door, or tries to drive a car without switching off the alarm. Some of the car alarms are deactivated using an access code, whereas others turn off distantly utilizing a key fob.

One of the major benefits of using important car accessories like car alarms is that they make it difficult for car thieves to operate secretly. Thieves steal when nobody is watching them, and a loud siren is bound to grab the attention of anybody nearby, including the car’s owner. As a result, the thief is likely to drop the plan of stealing the car and run away.

The only disadvantage of car alarms is how ordinary they are and how often they get damaged. The panic button present on the key fob gets clicked accidentally, either in the pocket or when the owner is pulling out the keys, and this prompts a false alarm.

In general, society is so used to false car alarms that many even do not bother to look at them when the alarm rings. It has become a normal part of urban society. Some alarms are also costly and may not be affordable for many.

buy these important car accessories

4.       Lock for the steering wheel- Ensure total safety for your car by getting a car steering wheel lock. The steering wheels are made of steel and high-quality leather. The unique thing about the wheel lock is it is rotatable 360-degrees and is perfect for steering wheels that have a thick cover. The car lock also alerts the owner by honking when somebody tries to tear it.

5.       Kill Switch- A kill switch can either be used as a stand-alone device or along with an alarm. When somebody tries to start the vehicle without using a key, then the kill switch closes the electrical system or cuts off the fuel, avoiding the thief from taking your vehicle anywhere. The kill switch is disconnected with a plastic key or entry code, like a car alarm.

The biggest benefit of a kill switch is that it makes it difficult for a thief to take the vehicle after he has got into it. While a kill switch cannot protect the valuables kept inside the car, the vehicle itself will not go anywhere. The price of a kill switch is barely $100.

The only disadvantage of a kill switch is that you must enter a code or put an extra key whenever you want to start your car. Another disadvantage is that if the kill switch stops working, then you will not be able to drive your car anywhere till you repair it. It does not prevent someone from getting inside the car as the switch is hidden.

6.       Tracking device- A tracking device is one of the most important car accessories to keep your car protected. A tracking device makes use of GPS technology to follow your vehicle after it went missing, which helps in its recovery. Several services also offer in-car communication too, where a person from the tracking company will contact you in case of an accident and send emergency service to the specific location.  There are tracking companies that can even disable a car remotely once it is stolen.

Having a sticker on the car talking about the tracking device will be helpful as thieves will not try to deactivate it and caught by the police. Tracking devices help your car to be found easily and therefore, you can have peace of mind. The only disadvantage of a tracking system is that they are costly and need extra monitoring charges also.

What Should You Do If Your Car is Stolen?

Call the police to file a complaint about your stolen car and talk to your insurance company. To the police, you will have to provide information, including:

·         Where your car was parked

·         The model, make, color, number, and year of purchase

·         Any unique features like any bumper stickers, any unusual color

·         Security features like a dashcam or GPS.

Try to give as much information as you can to the police. This will help in finding your car in no time.

Use these car accessories and have a peaceful sleep during the night.

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