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15 Exceptional Car Buying Tips: How to Buy Electric Cars

how to buy electric cars

The electric vehicle (EV) revolution is racing up, but it cannot go far without the right technology and infrastructure. As thinking moves from fossil fuels to electric vehicles, visions of a brighter and optimistic world come into existence.

Electric vehicles are the future and all of us know how they can have a positive impact on our planet, Earth. Clean emission leads to less pollution and less pollution means a green and healthy environment. So, electric cars play a major role to play when it comes to eco-friendly modes of transportation. If you want to buy an electric car and looking for car buying tips, then you have come to the right place.

Purchasing an electric car can be a tricky affair given the complicated technical terms of electric vehicles. There are plenty of factors to consider before purchasing an eco-friendly car.  From the car’s price to the charging infrastructure, every factor affects your choice. This article will discuss some important car buying tips that will make your car buying process easy and simple.

Car Buying Tips for Buying an Electric Vehicle

Now that you have decided to purchase an electric car, the next important step is to choose the right electric vehicle that suits your requirements. Various factors impact your decision-making. Purchasing an electric car is not as simple as purchasing a conventional diesel or petrol car. Below are a few car buying tips that you must follow while buying an electric car:

1.       Cost- It is no doubt, one of the most important car buying tips every car buyer should follow. Electric cars are environment-friendly, but they are not budget-friendly! Because of the complicated electric drivetrain battery packs, these cars are costly compared to their conventional competitors.

Even a small electric hatchback can cost more than Rs. 6 lakhs. So, if you are planning to buy an electric car, keep your budget in mind before making the final decision.

2.       Tax benefits and incentives- It is another one on the list of important car buying tips. The tax benefits and incentives provided by the government can lessen the overall cost of electric cars. So, ensure to check on the exact percentage of tax and incentive benefits you get, if you buy an eco-friendly car.

3.       Software Update- It is one of the significant car buying tips you must follow if you are buying an electric car. Electric cars are well-equipped with complicated powertrain and advanced technologies and the manufacturers probably enhance the electric cars with modern technology by rolling out software updates.

So, ensure that you get regular software upgrades after purchasing an electric vehicle. Many manufacturers update the software regularly at free of cost, while some charge a minimum amount for the updates from the car owner. So, you must make an informed choice while purchasing an electric car.

4.       Specifications- Electric cars come with a wide range of electric motors as well as battery packs having different capacities. You must select an electric car that has the specifications that match your requirements in the best manner. So, checking the specifications of a car is one of the vital car buying tips. An underpowered electric car can be sometimes irritating to drive. So, it is always better to go through the technical details of an electric car before you purchase it finally.

5.       Driving range- Considering the driving range is one of the important car buying tips, especially while buying an electric vehicle. Do not trust the driving range figures specified by the manufacturer. Instead, search for real-life reviews to understand the driving range of the electric vehicle. Usually, an electric car must deliver a driving range of more than 100km, which is enough for regular drives. High-end electric vehicles even provide a driving range of more than 400 km.

6.       Life of battery- A battery is one of the most vital components of an electric vehicle. Checking the battery is one of the significant car buying tips. Also, the battery is one of the most expensive parts of an electric vehicle. Replacing your electric vehicle’s battery can cost you a huge amount of money.

So, it is always better to check the battery life before you buy an environment-friendly car. Remember, the longer the battery life, the lower will be your maintenance cost.

essential car buying tips to follow

7.       Charging facility- The charging facility is still in its initial stage in many countries. You cannot find electric car charging stations as frequently as petrol bunks and fuel stations. This is one of the biggest challenges for those who own an electric vehicle. So, if you are buying an electric car, then among the different car buying tips, make sure you do not miss this.

At present, few major cities have started focusing on building adequate charging stations, but there are many places where the situation is not the same. So, consider this fact before you jump into buying an electric car.

8.       Car charging options- An electric car comes with different charging options like standard charging, slow-charging, and fast charging. Fast chargers are costly to install, and you may find it difficult to find them in your place. Slow and standard charging method is feasible and can be easily installed at your home. Some electric vehicles can be even charged from the electric socket of your residence, so before buying an electric car, so have a look at the different charging options.

9.       Maintenance- Maintenance is one of the significant car buying tips while buying an electric car. Without the right maintenance, your electric car may not perform efficiently. Usually, electric cars are easy to maintain, as there are quite a few moving parts in an electric vehicle.

But if it breaks down, the repair costs are too high. Also, the spare parts are much expensive than a conventional car. Also, there are a lot of mechanics available for electric vehicles, and you must deal with the manufacturer for any repair or service works.

10.   Extra charges- When you own an electric vehicle, there are various additional charges associated with eco-friendly vehicles. You must spend an extra amount of money to get a charging station installed, a home-charger, maintaining a charging station, and public station charging.

So, considering extra charges is also one of the important car buying tips. These expenses can make the experience of ownership quite costly compared to a conventional car. So, be cautious about these additional expenses before you own an electric car.

important car buying tip

11.   Model & brand- Currently, there are a handful of electric cars available. So, the choice should not be difficult. Though there are a few options, all of them belong to different price brackets. So, based on your requirement and budget, you can choose the right model and brand. In fact, we will say it is one of the most important car buying tips.

12.   Practical usability- An electric car is not a practical car in many countries. How much distance do you have to drive every day, what is the driving range of the electric car? It makes sense to own an electric vehicle if you live in a metro city and all you need is a car to reach your office. For others, an electric car might not be a practical option. So, you must consider this point before you buy an electric vehicle.

13.   Choosing between a hybrid or electric car- If buying an electric car is not practical for you, then you can always buy a hybrid car. A hybrid car generates less emission compared to a conventional car. A hybrid car uses a combination of internal combustion (IC) engine and an electric motor to run efficiently.

The electric motors take power from battery packs which are charged by regenerative braking. As far as reliability is concerned, hybrid cars are more reliable compared to fully electric cars.

14.   Used electric cars- When it comes to buying used electric cars, there are different car buying tips that need to be followed. If purchasing a brand-new electric car is out of fashion, you can always buy a used car. Since electric vehicles do not have too many moving parts, purchasing a used electric car can be a great option. But, purchasing a used EV, you must check the remaining battery performance or warranty, condition of the car, tire, charging options, and the car’s mileage.

15.    Car Insurance cost- The cost of insuring an electric car is high because electric vehicles are costly. The higher the cost of the vehicle, the higher the insurance cost. When compared to conventional cars, insurance for electric cars is costly. So, you must consider the cost of car insurance before choosing an electric car.

These are some of the vital car buying tips that you should follow next time when you buy an electric car.

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