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10 Used Car Buying Tips To Make Car Buying Simple

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If you are planning to buy a used car, you must follow used car buying tips. Between dealership and private-party sales, about 40 million used vehicles change hands every year. With plenty of options, finding the right car can be a challenging task. So, here, we have created a list of the best used car buying tips and tricks that make the car buying process as perfect as a breeze.

Buying a used car is just like going on a treasure hunt. So, it becomes very important to follow used car buying tips. There are great deals out there and with the emergence of the Internet as a car shopping tool, you have every single chance of finding a great deal on a car that meets your requirements and fits your budget.

There are a lot of incentives to purchase instead of new: It will help you save a lot of money on car insurance, taxes, registration, and depreciation, which is the loss in the value of a car because of wear and tear over time. It also makes sense as cars have never been more dependable. It is not uncommon for some cars to be trouble-free for more than 100,000 miles. Here are a few used car buying tips.

Top 10 Best-Used Car Buying Tips and Tricks

1. Fix your budget- Fixing the node of payment before buying a car is one of the most important used car buying tips. There are only 2 ways for you to buy a car. Either cash or loan. If you are buying a car by paying money, budgeting is quite simple. But do not spend all your savings. Remember to set apart some money for insurance and registration- and repairs in the future.

important used car buying tips

To calculate the best car loan for you, use an auto loan calculator. Plan to put nearly 10% down and finance the car for 3 years. Ideally, the total monthly auto expenses should not be over 20% of your monthly take-home pay.  

2. Select the right model- One of the most important used car buying tips is to decide on the right car. Take enough time to think about how you are going to use the car. For instance, if you have a family person, you will need enough space for everyone along with sufficient cargo space. If safety is your priority, then check out the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety for crash tests.

Narrow down the field by creating a list of must-have features. Then, look for models with those features using various tools. Once you are done, create a list of at least 3 target cars about which you want to research in detail.

3. Check ownership and reliability costs- Another one in the list of best-used car buying tips and tricks is to check the costs of ownership and reliability. Each used car is different. Some might have been driven more distance and have more damage. But, generally, you want to ensure that you are selecting models that are known for their dependability.

A closely related problem is the total cost of ownership. Some vehicles are cheap but will cost a huge amount of money in the long run due to maintenance, insurance, depreciation, and repairs. There are plenty of automotive websites that gives an estimate of such expenses.

4. Find good used cars- It is one of the significant used car buying tips that most of us ignore. There are plenty of sites that list used cars, and each of these sites seems to have its character. Most of them have the cars in their inventory posted online. However, if you are someone who loves to see and touch the cars that you consider, there are a huge number of used cars lots across the nation where you can do just that.

5. Price of the car- This is one of the most important used car buying tips, no matter whether you are buying a used car or a new one. When you find various cars for sale in your area- but before you inspect them physically- lookup for that model in a pricing guide.

You can use the guides to find the market value of the car that you are planning to buy by calculating its condition based on various factors like mileage, options, and age. Once you have the cost, if you want to make a deal, you will have the info you require to negotiate efficiently.

Most of the pricing guide offers you different prices. If you are purchasing the car from a car dealer, you must look at the “Dealer Retail” price. If your neighbor is the seller, you must look at the “Private Party” cost. You might also notice that pricing guides tell you what the vehicle is worth in the form of a trade-in. Make sure to price your present car if you want to trade it in at a dealership.

6. Go through the car history report- Don’t miss to check the background of the car as experts say it is one of the important used car buying tips. Before you drive your car across town to see the car which you want to buy, run a vehicle history report.

Using the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), you can find a detailed report of the vehicle’s history. It is the fastest used car buying tips you should follow to know if you should consider buying a used car.

In few cases, online classifieds will have links to free car history reports. If not, it is worth it to purchase one.

Here are some of the important information you will get:

Does the car have a clean title? If a vehicle has been met a serious accident and was calculated by the Insurance company, it still might be drivable. However, the insurance company will issue a “salvage title” for making future buyers cautious. Stay away from the cars with a salvage title as it affects the resale value, and the car might still have hidden issues.

Severe accidents are reported to the insurance company and will possibly be on the car history report. Some of the reports even show if the car has undergone any maintenance and where was the maintenance work performed.

7. Contact the seller- A chat with the seller will answer many questions and save your time. First, you must check the information that you came across in the ad. Then, here is a list of questions that you must ask:

  • Are you the first owner of your car?
  • Are the service records available?
  • Do you have the title and is it clear?
  • Is there any vital info that was not in the ad?

8. Go for a test drive- Till now, you have not driven the car which you have decided to buy. Now, it is time to check whether you like the model and to decide if this car is worth purchasing. Until and unless you are a mechanic, you cannot be expected to check your car thoroughly. However, you can give the car a good initial inspection. If it looks good, then you can choose a full inspection.

popular used car buying tips

One of the various used car buying tips, choosing the right route for driving also matters a lot. You should not miss is Choose a test drive route that has a bit of everything: rough pavement, hills, curves, and even a long stretch of highway. While driving, switch off the radio, so that you can pay attention to a few things, like:

  • Visibility- Are there any blind spots in the car?
  • Cornering and acceleration- Does the car have sufficient power? How is the steering?
  • Brakes- Are they predictable and responsive?
  • Mechanical condition- Check for any unusual vibrations or noises that could reveal worn suspension tires or parts.

After a test drive, check the back-seat leg space and cargo capacity. Now, it is time to blast the sound system and check if your phone connects through Bluetooth.

9. Negotiate the price- Whatever we buy, negotiating the price is important. Negotiating on the price is one of the vital used car buying tips one should follow. Here comes the most important part, price negotiation. But do not take stress, especially if you have done your research and have an idea about the car’s worth.

Compare the price demanded by the seller to the average market price mentioned on the pricing guides. There are chances that the seller is asking more than the market price.

10. Closing the deal- Checking the insurance is one of the vital used car buying tips. Before you buy the car, you must add it to your insurance policy. Then, you just need to pay for the vehicle- generally with cash or a check. You must get a title and have the sign of the seller too. If you have doubts, check the registry website of the state for more information.

Most of the states allow nearly 10 days to register the car under your name. The car is officially yours after you sign the sales contract. So, take enough time to review the contract.

By following the above-mentioned used car buying tips and tricks, you can make the process of buying a used car simple and fuss-free.

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