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What does Popping up of Engine Light Signify?

There are a lot of malfunctions that the Check Engine light could signify- From something as minor as a loose gas cap to something very major like defective spark plugs. It generally requires a visit to the workshop after which you usually end up with a light wallet.

What is check engine light?

Popularly known as the MIL (Malfunction Indicator Light), the check engine light is an indication from the cars “Engine computer” that there is something wrong. And yes, the car also has a computer known as the ECU that does all the calculation to run in a more efficient manner. Every time you switch on the ignition of your car, the ECU runs several tests across the powertrain to make sure that everything is running in a proper condition. Let us find out what it implies.

If it is blinking, that means it is serious

 If the check engine starts blinking when you drive, you must immediately stop your car at a safe place. Continuing to drive in such a condition can cause heavy damage to the car, especially to some of the extensive parts of the car. In such a situation, it is better to tow your car or get it checked by an expert mechanic.

But what if it is a steady light?

It does not mean anything major or any kind of emergency. You can continue driving your car, but it would be better if you could take the car to a local workshop, as soon as possible, for a fast check-up.

Reasons behind the Check Engine Light

Catalytic converter malfunction- Basically it converts the harmful hydrocarbons and other poisonous gases into less deadly gases. A malfunction can be a sign of bad mileage and can end up with power loss. If the car is well-maintained then there is a very less chance of malfunctioning. However, if the catalytic converter malfunctions and needs replacement, it could cost you more than at least Rs. 6000.

Mass airflow sensor defect- It helps ECU decide the air to fuel ratio for fuel’s efficient burning. It generally means that the air filter has not been changed since a while which the chokes the flow of air to the engine. It would give rise to poor idling, bad mileage, and car stealing too. But if the sensor gets stopped, again it is a costly affair to repair or replace. These complex electronic items are difficult to fix.

An open or lose petrol cap- As minor as it may sound, it affects the performance of a car, maintaining the needed pressure throughout the system and line. It can lessen the mileage and at the same time increase emissions also. If the light starts blinking, check whether it is due to the petrol cap or not. You must tighten it if you find it loose or if you find any kind of damage, it’s suggested to change the cap. You will find the light turn of immediately.

Oxygen sensor fault- This sensor examines unburned oxygen in the exhaust which co-relates to air in order to fuel ratio and the efficient burning of fuel.  Exhaust pipes have a sensor and which one among them is malfunctioning that only can be found with a diagnosis of ECU. The only thing you need to do is consult an expert.

There may be situations when your mechanic would find it difficult to find out what’s wrong and it could be just due to some loose wires. But, if you find that your “check engine” light is coming on frequently, then it means that your car is getting old. It means the time has come to sell your old car.   

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