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Car Maintenance Tips That Guarantees Long Life of your Car

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Whether you just bought a new car or have been driving for a long, following certain car maintenance tips can help your car to be in a good condition. A car plays an important role in the daily lives of car owners. Every car owner wants his or her car to have a long life, from the moment it has been purchased. Maintenance of the car plays a vital role in increasing a car’s life.

The modern automobile is no longer a piece of luxury that only people of stature can have. Nowadays, almost everyone, every family, has a vehicle. For many, it has become a significant extension of their house. Some have even decided to forego the entire house ownership idea and instead choose a mobile home, giving them the freedom to live wherever their car takes them. For many, it is a significant part of business, offering mobility when public transportation is not the only choice.

For some, it is the best way to enjoy the beautiful sights and experiences the world must provide. Whatever is the reason, the car is here to stay and will continue to be an important part of a man’s evolutionary development. This is the reason why it is important to keep your car in good shape so that you can enjoy all the benefits from it.

You must maintain a schedule to follow car maintenance which results in improving the performance of your car. Proper care and maintenance of your car will help you to have it for several years. Here are a few car maintenance tips and tricks that come in handy to reduce the expenses.

Benefits of Car Maintenance


You must have seen a car that is older than Dracula but shockingly, it does not appear like it. A well-maintained old car can outlive a newer car that has been neglected without the right care. Most often, it is the little things like regular checking of your tire pressure, fluid level, lights, and a battery that make the biggest difference in the future.

Boost your safety

Do you know the reason behind some road accidents is poor car maintenance? For example, you can forget to service your brake system and when you want to slow down, it malfunctions and causes an accident. Another situation would be a damaged tire that was supposed to be changed that bursts when you drive at high speed- can you imagine the scenario?

Anyway, maintaining your car can enhance your safety and potentially save yours and your loved one’s life.

Improves reliability and performance

If you drive a car for a long time without maintenance, you start to see a decline in performance. It could be that it does not speed up fast like it did when you bought it. Maybe the fuel economy has worsened or it stops when you start it. No, a wizard did not do magic on your car, but it is normal for car components to get damaged if they are not serviced or replaced at the right time.

Increases the resale value of your car

Have you ever wondered why some classic cars get a higher resale value even after a decade? This is quite common among rare, limited car models that are out of stock, but the owners kept them in good condition. However, even if your car is not one of those scarce ones, ensuring that it is maintained properly will increase its resale cost.

Saves your money

There are times when the repairing cost of a car can be too costly. Nonetheless, you can avoid spending a large amount of money by scheduling regular car maintenance services to seal that crack before it becomes a big problem. Always remember, prevention is better than cure.

Reduce roadside emergencies

It can be quite annoying when you find that your car engine is not starting on a cold winter morning or it breaks down in the middle of the road because of overheating issues. It is even more frustrating when you cannot find any help and you leave your car in the middle of the road to seek help. You can reduce the risk of roadside emergencies if you take proper care of your vehicle.

Safeguards the Environment

Many countries have implemented strict regulations to reduce vehicle exhaust emissions. These days, it is not just car manufacturers who have to lessen vehicle emissions but even car owners have the responsibility to keep off cars that are road unworthy because of carbon emissions. What can be a better way to keep your vehicle following eco-friendly protection standards than maintaining it properly.

Important Car Maintenance Tips

Read the car’ manual

One of the most important car maintenance tips is to read the manual properly. When it comes to cars, there is no “one size fits all” rule. For instance, the oil change schedule of your car mainly depends on the kind of car that you drive. However, this does not mean that there is no need to change the oil after covering every 3,000 miles.

Therefore, before everything else, ensure that you read the owner’s manual to double-check what your vehicle needs during the maintenance. If you do not, you will possibly end up putting the wrong oil into your car’s engine and cause damage.

Check the cooling system

One of the significant car maintenance tips and tricks is to keep a check on the cooling system. Though we have come a long way in terms of the efficiency of a car engine, a lot of energy is lost because of combustion as heat. Alloys and metals, which your car engine is made of, are not good friends with heat. Always make sure there is sufficient coolant in the tank because it is required for heat dissipation. A 1:1 ratio of coolant and distilled water is perfect. Also, it is a great thing to look at the engine temp gauge on a hot summer day and shut your car in case it is near to overheating.

Check the battery

Without a battery, your car will never start. Modern batteries can be maintained easily, and you just must check them occasionally. Check the terminals of the battery and look for any damage or rusting and clean them. If you are not using your car for a long time, make sure you drive the car at least twice in one week to keep the battery running.

 Check the tire pressure

Checking the tire pressure is one of the important car maintenance tips that you should never ignore. You must check the pressure of your car’s tire once every 10 days. Under-inflated tires will not affect the handling but will also result in more and more fuel consumption. The tires will get damaged faster if the tires are under-inflated. Over inflating the tires is also not considered safe as it might burst the tires. Always maintain the tire’s pressure which is suggested by the manufacturer.

Check wheel alignment

A correct wheel alignment will ensure that you can correctly handle your car. When you are driving, if the car drifts to the sides, you must adjust the wheel alignment. Just visit an authorized car service center and they will correct it for you. Also, rotate your tires to ensure that there is no rust, and the wheel rotates freely. These precautionary checks will save you from a huge bill on your next service.

Keep your car’s interior and exterior clean

Another one in the list of car maintenance tips and tricks is to keep it clean, both inside and outside. Wash your vehicle at least once a week and clean the interior too. Do not throw food, water, and unnecessary stuff inside.

By following these simple car maintenance tips, you can keep your car in a good condition for a long time. A well-maintained car will give good performance and the right fuel efficiency. All in all, a well-maintained vehicle will ensure a worry-free drive.

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